Compliance measures

Is outdoor advertising signboard of your company all right? 
We become great when we install outdoor signage without knowing.

As for the illegal signboard, not only supplier but also advertiser may be punished.

Outdoor advertising signboard must submit regulations permission application to each local government by all means.
Criminal charge is, for example, in Shizuoka outdoor advertising by measures for advertiser of violation of laws and ordinances as instruction inspection measures standard by conduct from April 1, 2007 in Shizuoka when we neglect.

It is registration supplier and applies for outdoor advertising according to the regulations by all means let alone us. Leave it to me in peace.

Compliance (legal compliance)
Our employee of our legal adviser and administrative scrivener qualified person discusses with first class authorized architects to perform permission regulations application of outdoor signage surely and submits application documents of all articles to each local government, engineering works office.

Kiyotaka Ebe
(administrative scrivener qualified person)
Shuichi Ishiyama
(former prefecture outdoor advertising thing charge)
Hiroshi Onodera
(administrative scrivener qualified person)

Toshihiro Okuma
(administrative scrivener qualified person)

Yoko Goto