Basic information (company profile downloading)
Establishment 1984 (July, 1984) Representative kaichohigashi*
CEO Ryo Nishii
The head office location 〒103-0027
2 chome 2-21 2, Nihonbashi building 2F,Nihombashi,,Tokyo-To,Japan
TEL 03-6225-2321 FAX 03-6225-2327
Banker Mizuho Bank
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
Capital 60,000,000 yen      
Business outline Newspaper, TV radio, magazine, SP advertisement performs plan, production of medium contents advertisement business and outdoor advertising contents business and, targeting at the whole country, undertakes consulting of advertisement.

SP part
●Outdoor advertising setting, negotiations, suggestion, design, application, the output, construction, management
●WEB site plan, production, administration, management
(outdoor advertising article search engine "Billboard.cc")
MP part
●Newspaper, radio, magazine, WEB plan, production, administration, management
●Event plan, guest-shot arrangement
●TV program plan, production
●BtoB promotion support plan suggestion

Base Branch office: Nagoya branch office
Business: Sapporo Office/Yamagata Office/Sendai Office/Saitama Office/Chiba Office
   Kanagawa Office/Nagoya Office/Okayama Office/Fukuoka Office

Construction: Sapporo office/Sendai office/Saitama office/Kanagawa office/
   Nagoya office/Okayama office/Fukuoka office

Detailed information of office network is this!

1984 We begin as plan suggestion agency of foundation Chunichi Shimbunsha in July
2002 We acquire Business model patent using email
Prize for Chunichi Shimbunsha area advertisement "environment recycling special feature"
"Payslip" wins monthly galaxy prize

January reputation business (SP part) nationwide development start
Saitama Office establishment/Sapporo Office establishment/Kanagawa Office establishment

2003 Okayama Office establishment
2004 It is toritokudai No3300338 in Business model patent using email
2006 September 01 Sendai office establishment
November 15 Yamagata office establishment
December 14 Fukuoka Office establishment
December 22 Chiba Office establishment
2007 July 01 Nagoya Office establishment
December 03 Yokohama office establishment
2010 We relocate the Tokyo head office from Atago, Minato-ku to Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku